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Proof-of-Concept Project

Give us 2-4 weeks to impress you with a FREE Proof-of-Concept Project.

Let us show you a demo uniquely set up for your company.


Let us impress you!

Allow us to impress you! All we need from you are a few interviews and then after 2 weeks you will have:
1) Tailored Demo recorded on Video, based on YOUR company
2) High level solutions design.
3) Return on Investment Analysis.

Let us help you so that you can evaluate our skills before your project starts. You have nothing to lose.

Get to know us

Don't trust a consultancy just because they say they are good. Put them to the test instead! It would be awful to sign a contract only to realise the consultants assigned to the project are massively under qualified.  By letting us help you with a Proof-of-Concept Project, you get to work with us before you hire us.

Why is it free?

You might wonder why we would do all this work for free - but there is a logic to the madness. This approach to selling, is called "solution selling". It stands in dire contrast to the traditional way of selling in which a sales representative smooth talks you into believing his organisation can do wonders for you if you just hire them only to find out you had been deceived.
This is why we do it - we want to shower you in value for free and show you how good we are. If you let us do this for free, our experience shows us that you will probably want to hire us for the implementation.

What you have to do

2-4 hours of your time - that's all we ask for to complete this Proof-of-Concept Project. Of course, the more time you can allocate, the better the outcome, but it is entirely up to you. Then we will put in all the hours required to design your solution, set it up, and record the presentation on video.

You might also be worried, that if we spend a lot of time on this project and you decide not to go ahead, that you will feel bad for turning us down. DON'T! We are more than happy to take the chance.


The demo should be based on YOUR company - not a random demo company.

What is a Tailored Demo?

A tailored demo is a demo of Dynamics NAV Business Central based on your company, your products, your customers, your suppliers and, most importantly, your processes and requirements. We will not show you a generalised demo of Dynamics NAV Business Central based on some arbitrary demo company. No, instead, we will spend 1-3 weeks getting to know you and your business. And not until we have understood how your company operates and what you are trying to achieve will we set up a tailored demo of Dynamics NAV Business Central and show how it can support your company. The tailored demo will show you how we can solve and support your most important business requirements. We will even record the demo on video for you to re-watch and share with your colleagues.


Before setting up a tailored demo, we need to talk to you. We want to ask you questions about your market, how you get new orders, how your warehouse and production departments are organised, what makes your customers tick and how you manage your purchasing. We want to ask you what you expect to get out of the implementation, what problems you have today, what your concerns are and where you expect to be in 5 years. In short, we want to get to know you. All of this information will help us paint a picture of you and your future, so that we can design the best tailored demo for you.

Goals + User Story

Goals: Once we have understood your business from the interviews, together we will write down a long list of the different goals we will be addressing with the tailored demo.

User Story: Next, we will author and write a user story. It will typically be a so called "quote-to-cash" story describing how your users would use the system from sales through purchase, manufacturing, warehousing, shipping all the way to the end where the customer has paid the bill. The user story will form the basis of the tailored demo in Dynamics NAV Business Central - it will be the story we tell about your users while we show how they interact with the system.

The User Story will address and present solutions to all the goals and requirements, so that you can confirm that Dynamics NAV Business Central is indeed capable of supporting your business.

Yes, we will do this work for you for FREE!

Graphical Case Presentation

To support the written solutions design document, we prepare a supporting graphical case presentation, which can include a number of elements:
1) Bill of material for the production show in the tailored demo.
2) Your floor plan, so that we can discuss warehouse processes using Dynamics NAV Business Central.
3) Production flow, to see how raw materials are converted into finished goods.
4) Timeline for the goods being produced in the tailored demo so we can discuss planning and lead times.
Yes, we will do this for you for FREE!

DOWNLOAD a sample Graphical Solution Presentation HERE:


Go through a structured Return on Investment Analysis before your ERP project.


Don't trust your gut feeling when it comes to the benefits of investing in ERP. Instead, go through a structured process of quantifying all the potential benefits in monetary terms. How much would you save if you reduced your lead time by 30%? What would be the value of cutting your obsolete inventory in half? How much time and money could you save by automating your purchasing decisions? You need to be able to know whether you are looking at a 2X Return on Investment or a 80X Return on Investment.

What is the process?

First we help you identify the main advantages of implementing Dynamics NAV Business Central in your business. Next we'll help you quantify these by estimating the monetary value. We will not do it for you, but with you.
Next we will estimate how much it will cost to implement Dynamics NAV Business Central in your company.
By the end you will know if your Return on Investment is 2X, 30X or maybe even 100X.


Is 50X ROI Realistic?

Intuitively 50X ROI might seem entirely unrealistic. How on earth could you expect to get £50 back for every £1 you invest? But consider the following example:

Imagine being able to save each of your 40 employees 1.5 hours per day due to more efficient processes, automations, etc. If you pay them an average of £20/hour, they work 250 days per year and you can agree that a well-implemented ERP should last at least 10 years, then you are looking at the following calculation:

40 employees X 1.5 hours X £20 X 250 days X 10 years =



If the cost of implementing the new ERP is £50,000, then you are looking at 60X ROI.

In order to green-light your ERP project without further examination, you should be looking for an ROI of 5X or above. To put it another way: as soon as you have gained advantages in excess of 5X, you need think no more about it. You have justified the investment, and any return on investment in excess of the 5X is a bonus.

Download Sample ROI Analysis

Take a look at a sample Return on Investment Analysis we've prepared for another company. The company is a 82-employee manufacturer of industrial electrical machines. We helped them with a Proof-of-Concept Project, won the project and are still helping them with their solution today.

  Yes, we will do this for your for FREE!  


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