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Fixed Cost +

Unlimited Consulting


Microsoft Dynamics NAV 365 Business Central

We offer all companies Fixed Cost Implementations with Unlimited Consulting.

This significantly reduces both the financial and operational risk of the project. 

Fixed Cost

One of the biggest concerns for companies venturing into an ERP implementation is whether the project cost will spiral out of control. A fixed cost project significantly reduces your financial risk.

But is a fixed cost project really fixed cost? What if this fixed cost includes 15 days of training, but it turns out you need 30 days? Is it then really a fixed cost project? To make it truly fixed, you need "Unlimited Consulting": Unlimited Training, Unlimited Business Requirements, Unlimited Solutions, Unlimited Project Management so that no matter how the project develops, the cost will stay the same.

Unlimited Consulting

Unlimited Consulting means we will put in all the time required to make you accept our solutions. We will keep training you as much as you would like us to, you can add all the requirements you need and you can keep turning down the soltions we present to you and ask us to redo them until you are happy.

The only activity that is not covered is custom development. But since most companies prefer to use standard, this often is not a big issue.

Unlimited Training

Within the fixed project cost, we offer unlimited training to all your super users. This means that your super users define when they have received enough training - not us. For example, our fixed cost does not specify 20 days of training. It includes an unlimited amount of training. This motivates us to provide high-quality training the first time round, and no matter how much training your users need, you will not pay extra. In addition, you will not even have to pay for the training until your users are happy - no upfront payments


Unlimited Business Requirements

Our fixed cost implementation includes an unlimited number of business requirements. What this means is that throughout the entire duration of the project, you get to say “Oh, we also need to have this business requirement included in the project”. We will not debate with you whether it is included in the project - as long as it can be supported by the standard functionality of Dynamics NAV Business Central we will include it and come up with a solution at no extra cost. Nothing is "out-of-scope" unless it requires development. It's that simple.



Not only do we offer unlimited business requirements - we offer unlimited solutions as well. This means you get to say, "No, I'm not happy with this..." to any solution we have prepared and presented to you. We will work on the solution until you are happy.

Since we take the burden of having to rework a solution, this motivates us to analyze your business and needs properly and in-depth the first time, and come up with an initial solution that has a good chance of being approved.


Pay on Delivery

We manage the project with an Agile methodology. We start by listing every one of your Business Requirements. Only when you have verified/accepted the solution to each of the Business Requirements will we invoice you. You don't have to pay until you have verified the solution and your super users feel they have received enough training. If you are not happy, we will keep working until you are.

How can we offer this?

AgiliGroup is the only consultancy in the UK able to offer fixed cost implementations with Unlimited Consulting. Why? Because we are the only ones with complete confidence in our own abilities. None of the other consultancies will offer you this because they know it is too risky for them.


We'll spend 2 weeks designing and presenting a custom solution for you - free of charge.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 365 Business Central is the ERP solution helping SMB manufacturing and distribution companies grow by managing their financials and operations. With Dynamics NAV 365 Business Central you connect finance, sales, warehouse, manufacturing, projects and CRM to make integrated management of these functions faster and easier. Whether you are interested in upgrading from a legacy ERP solution or have outgrown your current accounting software, Dynamics NAV 365 Business Central is the premier ERP for SMB manufacturing and distribution businesses.

Does this sound interesting?

The first step will be to go through a FREE Proof-of-Concept Project.


How much does it cost to implement Dynamics NAV Business Central?

License Cost

The first cost element of implementing Dynamics NAV Business Central are the license costs. If you do not need the manufacturing or service management functionality you can use the Essential User license type. But if just a single of your users need access to the Manufacturing of Service functionality, all your users need to use the Premium User license type. You cannot mix the two. Team members however can be used whether the rest of your users are using the Essential or the Premium license type.

Essential User License

With an Essential User License, the user has full access to all areas of the system, except the Manufacturing and the Service Managements. This user license is ideal for distribution companies.



Premium User License

With an Premium User License, the user has full access to all areas of the system, including both the Manufacturing and the Service Management functionality. This user license is ideal for manufacturing companies.



Team Member License

With a Team Member User License, user can read data from the system but cannot change any data. This license type is for those users who do not actively use the system, but still needs read access for various reasons.



Consulting Fees - Fixed Cost, Unlimited Consulting.

The second main cost element of implementing Dynamics NAV Business Central is the consulting fee, which can range anywhere from £4,000 to several hundreds of thousands depending on the complexity and size of the company. We would be more than happy to give you a quick price indication by contacting us at: [email protected].

Read more about our Fixed Cost, Unlimited Consulting offer here.


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